A Team of Mortgage Brokers that CARE

The one thing people always remember is how someone makes them feel. For that reason, Nicholos Paul and his Colleagues at CA Mortgage Group works tirelessly and effortlessly to ensure that our clients have a successful experience with us.

We are in the mortgage business:

  • We provide residential and commercial lending solutions. Primarily secured lending, however, we do have some unsecured lending options available.
  • CA Mortgage Group Was founded by Andre Dawkins, it was officially launched November 2018 in Toronto Canada.
  • CA Mortgage Group strives to empower and educate clients throughout their mortgage process

Located in Mississauga, Ontario we are a centralized hub for the entire GTA.

The Team consists of a diverse group of  agents and professionals located across Ontario. We provide mortgages, in French, Spanish, Punjabi and Hindi. Our goal is to inspire and assist as many people across the country as possible.


A Company With Values

When you are in need of financial and mortgage assistance, it’s best to seek help from a trusted and reputable company. We are widely considered to be the top Toronto mortgage brokers for new mortgages, mortgage renewals and mortgage refinancing. Contact us to provide you with mortgage solutions that will cater to your financial situation.



Who We Are

We are the most sought-after provider of funding for residential and commercial borrowers in Canada, providing information, insight & advice with Caring consultations for all stakeholders.

We help buyers, sellers and agents realized their real estate dreams.