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In order to Become and OWL Investor and Gain Access to our Investment Opportunities you MUST Completely Register by providing ALL Required Documentation so that a Comprehensive Financial Profile is created.
First, Please Complete the Short Online Application and ensure that you sign both the Buyers Representation Agreement and the Consent & Privacy Agreement that will be sent to you thereafter via DocuSign. Our Financial Profile Questionnaire will also be sent at this time to be completed via DocuSign.
Secondly, we will need a Soft Pull of your Credit Report – you can pull one at Equifax and send me a copy for review.  When you pull it, it will not negatively affect your credit score. We can review and advise accordingly once we see it. Here is the link to the Equifax site. It will cost $0 - you get the report instantaneously. Occasionally it will cost $24 for your Credit Report.
Lastly, Please Provide the Following Documents:
  1. 2 Pieces of ID for all applicants (Drivers license and/or Passport and/or PR Card)
  2. Verification of Income (Within 30 Days of Application)
    • Letter of Employment
    • 2 Most Recent Pay Stubs
    • 2021 and 2022 NOA or 2 Most Recent 
    • 2021 and 2022 T4 or 2 Most Recent and/or T4A with Most Recent 6 Months Bank Statements
    • Copy of lease agreement or full T1 Generals for rental income
    • Separation agreement if applicable for Child Support/Alimony
    • FULL 2021 and 2022 T1 Generals (if Self-Employed)
    • 2021 and 2022 Financial Statements or 2 Most Recent (if Self-Employed)
  3. Verification of Down payment (90 days history required) and closing costs (1.5% of purchase price) may be from many sources including
    • Savings/Chequing accounts
    • RRSP account (Withholding tax may be considered)
    • Gifted Down Payment – Gift Letter completed
    • Sale agreement of existing home/cottage/other property
    • GIC statements
  4. Solicitor’s Full Contact Details (If you do not have a Lawyer, one can be provided)
  5. Void Cheque and/or PAD Form    
  6. List All Assets and Value of each Asset
  7. List All Liabilities with Limits and Balance Owing
  8. Most Recent Property Tax Statement(s) (If Applicable)
  9. Most Recent Mortgage Statement(s) (If Applicable)
FYI – you can go on the CRA website to get access to documents that you cannot find.(ex. T4, T4A, T4E, T1, NOA)

 Please email ALL documents to [email protected]
If you would like to discuss anything further, please call 416-878-4129